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About Selborne Biological Services

From its beginnings in 1974 based in the UK, Selborne now services a global market providing quality serums and other animal derived products from its sites in Australia and the UK.

As a privately owned company Selborne, along with a small group of distributors whom have been carefully selected as sharing Selborne’s core values, is able to offer a personal service to its clients and provide products customised to their requirements.

The products and services that Selborne can provide includes one of the widest ranges of animal serums available, and a well-established contract manufacturing operation. In particular, Selborne specialises in the supply of custom manufactured, large volume products for industrial/commercial scale manufacturing clients.

Selborne’s site in Australia is an ideal source for customers seeking maximum biosecurity in their bovine products (such as negligible risk of BSE and freedom from many animal diseases of significance). The Australian operation holds the necessary Regulatory Approvals enabling it to export to the EU, UK, USA, China, Japan, India, Taiwan and to many other countries. We have a depth of understanding and experience in the import and export requirements for global distribution. Please contact us today for information on shipments to your location or requested product delivery destination.

Selborne’s manufacturing operations are conducted in compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice and employs systems that ensure full traceability. Furthermore, Selborne operates a vertically integrated supply chain maintaining unique control of the product from the point of collection through to delivery to the customer.


Tasmania, Australia

1064 Pateena Road
Longford, Tasmania. 7301
Phone: +61 (0) 363 911 499
Selborne’s principal manufacturing facilities are located in Tasmania, Australia.
The site includes a cGMP manufacturing facility for a range of animal derived serums and proteins for use in vaccine production (animal or human) and other biotech drugs along with products for diagnostic and research use.
Production is supported by a full complement of support staff in QA, QC, Logistics, HR and administration.

Selborne, United Kingdom

Selborne Biological Services (UK) Ltd
Goleigh Farm
Selborne, Hampshire
GU34 3SE
Phone: +44 (0) 1420 511 535
Email: info@selbornebiological.com
The UK site is Selborne’s primary importation and distribution facility for Europe. This includes the arrangement and preparation for additional processes such as Gamma Irradiation. The UK facility also operates as a secondary production site for raw materials that are not readily available in Australia.
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