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Selborne prides itself in continuing to develop next generation animal derived cell culture components offering a safe, reliable and repeatable resource. This includes Selborne products and contract manufacturing of specific proteins where the customer owns the intellectual property.

The first of these products is now well established in enhancing the production of monoclonal antibodies for licenced products.

We introduce LipiMAX®

LipiMAX® is a highly purified lipid concentrate or lipoprotein solution for use as a cell culture media supplement. It is derived from adult bovine serum of Australian origin and comprises a balanced profile of naturally occurring cholesterol, phospholipids and essential fatty acids.

LipiMAX® provides a purified source of key nutritional and in vitro environmental components, while significantly reducing the purification concerns arising from the use of whole animal sera. Specific applications for LipiMAX® include:

  • Development of cell culture medium where serum-free or reduced serum conditions are desired;
  • Enhance propagation of mammalian cells (particularly cholesterol-dependent cell lines);
  • Stimulate production of Mab’s by hybridoma cells;
  • Enhance production efficiencies of recombinant proteins;

Primary benefits of LipiMAX®

The primary benefits of Selborne’s LipiMAX® are as follows:

1.   RISK REDUCTION. . LipiMAX® is the only lipoprotein solution that is both sourced from and manufactured in Australia. The Australian source provides maximum biosecurity in terms of negligible risk of BSE and freedom from many animal diseases of significance. In addition, processing includes two validated viral inactivation steps.

2.   LOW ENDOTOXIN.  LipiMAX® has a specified range of < 50 EU/ml with a typical value of < 10 EU/ml.

3.  MAXIMUM YIELDS. Selborne’s proprietary purification process results in a high performance cell culture medium supplement that can help you maximize production yields while lowering overall manufacturing costs.

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