Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Selborne’s flexibility in manufacturing operations accommodates a choice of batch sizes, filtration levels and packaging to suit your production needs.

The range of Selborne’s custom production capabilities in the area of animal sera or other animal derived products includes:


Batch Sizes

500L to 3000L


0.45 µm to triple 0.1 µm


500mL to 12.5mL

In addition, Selborne can provide or arrange specific treatments such as:

  • IgG depletion of sera.
  • Heat Inactivation of sera
  • Gamma Irradiation of sera.
  • Dialysis of sera

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact your nearest Selborne office to discuss your specific requirements or use the enquiry form  to build your own custom specification from the dropdown options.

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